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Wedding day makeup tips

Wedding day makeup tips


One of the main concerns I hear from brides-to-be is whether their makeup will last all day. From the moment you say your vows to your first dance, you want to look picture perfect. Without blowing my own trumpet, this is where a professionally trained makeup artist is your best friend.

I understand that if you’re not used to wearing a lot of makeup, the idea of having it done for your wedding day might be daunting and a little scary. You may be worried you’ll be caked in makeup and not look like yourself however, I can honestly say none of the brides I have had the pleasure to make up have felt that way. My philosophy is to enhance your natural beauty, work with you as an individual and use light-weight and professional products that look natural on the skin and allow it to breathe. You should look like an enhanced version of yourself and feel entirely comfortable.

Along with a professional hair stylist, your makeup for your big day is something you should never compromise on. Like anything, it’s all about preparation. A professional makeup artist understands, not only how to apply makeup correctly, but also how to prep your skin so that it lasts. Using a primer is key. Not just any old primer though, one that doesn’t contain an SPF as this can cause the skin to look ghost-like under a camera flash.

My other top tips for wedding makeup are:

  1. Book a trial – I would strongly advise that you book a trial at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. You need to ensure that you are happy with your look for the day, have the opportunity to talk through ideas with the makeup artist and ensure that you feel entirely comfortable with them. If you’re going to have a spray tan for your wedding day, it’s important you also have one prior to your trial so that your colouring represents what it will be on the day.
  2. Bring pictures – It’s so useful for brides to provide pictures of makeup that they like prior to, or at, their trial. It gives a makeup artist a good idea of what you like style and colour wise, but it’s also important to consider your skin type and colouring. A very bronzed look would not suit a very pale skin tone however, your makeup artist should also make suggestions based on this as well as the style of your wedding and dress. It’s a collaborative appointment where you should be as honest as possible.
  3. More is sometimes better – A lot of brides I meet desire a natural look for their day. Whilst taking this into account, it’s also important to consider that about 20% of makeup is lost in photos. If your eyes are a feature you really want to enhance for example, a slightly darker application will look wonderful rather than something barely there. Classic looks are a fantastic option as this will not date in 10 years time when you look back at your photos.
  4. Individual lashes – Some brides love strip lashes and for others it terrifies them. A great option, and something I always recommend to brides who are unsure, is a few individual lashes applied on the outer corner. This enhances the eye, creating a beautiful almond shape, whilst still looking natural.
  5. Allow plenty of time – It’s easy to underestimate the timings for your hair and makeup on the day however, I always advise allowing more time than needed. I work by asking the bride when she is being picked up by her wedding car (if she is not getting ready at the venue) and work back from there. Ideally I aim to be finished 45 minutes-1 hour before this, so that the bride has plenty of time to get into her dress and have some time to prepare herself for the ceremony.

I hope this provides some helpful advice and please get in touch if you’d like to discuss the makeup for your special day or book a trial.

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